Midwife Salary in New Jersey - NJ

Midwives' Salaries in New Jersey - NJ

New Jersey Midwife Salary

Midwives’ salaries in New Jersey will fluctuate depending on geographical region, experience and education level, and various other factors.  The average annual salary for a certified nurse midwife in New Jersey is $97,000.  However, in some regions of New Jersey, certified nurse-midwives make considerably more or less than this, usually based on a combination of local cost of living and area demand for midwife services.  In the city of Bergen, the annual certified nurse-midwife salary comes in around the average at $97,000.  On the other hand, certified nurse-midwives in Atlantic City average only $75,000.  At the upper end of the scale,  the average annual salary for a certified nurse-midwife in Newark or Hackensack is $119,000. 

The salaries for certified midwives are comparable to those of certified nurse-midwives and even slightly higher.  This slight discrepancy may be due to the fact that, because certified midwives generally work exclusively in private practice settings, whereas certified nurse-midwives sometimes work in public hospitals and clinics, where salaries tend to be lower.  The average midwife salary in New Jersey for a certified midwife is $99,000.  Midwives in Bergen come in right at the average at $99,000 a year.  The average annual midwife salary in Atlantic City is $76,000, while midwives in Newark and Hackensack make $120,000 a year and $121,000 a year respectively. 

More and more pregnant women are choosing to use the services of midwives and nurse-midwives due to the increasing popularity of natural childbirth methods and cost considerations.
Insurance companies are increasingly willing to cover midwifery services because the costs associated with home births and births at birthing centers are so much less than those associated with hospital services.  These factors will contribute to higher demand for midwifery services going forward and should guarantee bright prospects in terms of salary and career opportunities for those interested in pursuing  a career as a certified midwife or certified nurse-midwife.

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