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Nuclear Medicine Technologist Schools in New Jersey - NJ

Education is often the first step you must take in order to earn employment in a new field -- such as, say, a position as a nuclear medicine technologist in New Jersey. Fortunately, New Jersey is a good place to go to school for this career. Nuclear medicine technologist schools in New Jersey can be found throughout the state. Many major cities like Newark, Jersey City, Paterson, Elizabeth, Edison, and Woodbridge have educational opportunities to facilitate the student seeking a degree.

Many programs can be completed in two years and, upon completion, award an associate’s degree in nuclear science technology. If you decide to continue on, there are many programs that will further enhance your career if you seek a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Some of the coursework you can expect to take includes the following:

  • Biological science
  • Lab techniques
  • Communication and client care
  • Nuclear medicine
  • In vitro and in vivo imaging
  • Operation of medical equipment

Along with classroom and clinical training, you will also be required to complete a number of hours in actual hands-on experience working with the equipment used in this profession. As you make your decision on where to go to school, you may also want to explore distance learning options through online nuclear medicine technologist schools.

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