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Nursing Informatics Salary in New Jersey - NJ

The average New Jersey nursing informatics salary is $97,000 annually (, and is six percent higher than the national average annual salary for this profession.  Factors such as how long one has been in the field of Nursing Informatics, what certifications he/she holds (beyond the expected standard), and the size of the organization he/she is employed by can all have a positive, higher effect on a salary.    Advanced certifications increase the marketability of a Nursing Informatics professional, as they demonstrate an advanced knowledge level that other nurses with this credential may not posses.  These advancements will becomes more necessary as the technology associated with the field of nursing informatics changes and potentially becomes more complex. 

It is important to consider what type of setting you would prefer to work in (large hospital vs. small/rural setting).  There is the potential that a smaller hospital would employ you in a primary role as a registered nurse and offer a stipend or part time role in nursing informatics. 

New Jersey Nursing Informatics Salary by City

Atlantic City $78,000
Camden $84,000
Cherry Hill $83,000
Clifton $113,000
Garden City $85,000
Hoboken $112,000
Jersey City $112,000
Newark $113,000
Ocean City $78,000
Princeton $87,000
Trenton $87,000

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