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New Jersey Pharmacy Technician Salaries – NJ

New Jersey Pharmacy Technician Salaries

The state of New Jersey offers very competitive pharmacy technician salary when compared to the national average salary.  While the United States average annual salary for a pharmacy technician is $27,710, the New Jersey state annual average is $28,650.  However, in the larger cities in New Jersey you will find that this number is almost double in some instances. lists jobs for pharmacy technicians in New Jersey that pay as much as $58,000 a year.  You also must consider that these figures take into account both part-time and full-time employee salaries. 

Below are some of the current salary listings for the four largest cities in New Jersey, all with a population of over 100,000. 

Elizabeth, New Jersey pharmacy technician salary – $58,000
Jersey City, New Jersey pharmacy technician salary – $57,000
Newark, New Jersey pharmacy technician salary – $57,000
Paterson, New Jersey pharmacy technician salary – $58,000

Current Issues for Pharmacy Technicians in New Jersey

The requirements for becoming a registered pharmacy technician or a certified pharmacy technician are constantly changing.   While currently pharmacy technicians are only required to register in the state of New Jersey, it is possible that certification may soon be required for all pharmacy technicians as well.  As legislation passes to ensure the safety of the public, the rules and regulations regarding healthcare professionals may change also.  For the most current changes and regulations regarding certification and registration requirements for a pharmacy technician in New Jersey contact the New Jersey Board of Pharmacy. 

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