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Xray Tech Salary in New Jersey – NJ

Reported figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate that approximately 6400 individuals in the state of New Jersey are employed as radiology technologists. These professionals are employed in a variety of settings, such as educational institutions, clinics, hospitals, and physician offices. Some even hold administrative positions in addition to their duties as radiology technologists. The average New Jersey radiology tech salary is $64,000 ( annually, which is 6% higher than the national average annual salary and places it just above the 75th percentile nationally (Bureau of Labor Statistics). The Bureau of Labor Statistics ranks New Jersey in the top five for salary nationally. Average salaries for neighboring states include Pennsylvania at $56,000, New York at $71,000 and Delaware at $57,000.

New Jersey Radiology Tech Salary

In addition to the standard of education for a radiology technologist, many opt to further their education by completing advanced degrees or certifications in sub specialty fields such as nuclear medicine, radiation therapy, sonography, or mammography. These advances can and often do lead to an increase in salary for the technologist. Additionally, years of experience and type of job setting can also lead to an increased salary. The figures below from show the average annual salary by location in New Jersey.

  • Atlantic City Radiology Tech: $51,000
  • Newark Radiology Tech: $74,000
  • Ocean City Radiology Tech: $51,000
  • Princeton Radiology Tech: $57,000
  • Trenton Radiology Tech: $57,000
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