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Educational Requirements for Veterinary Technicians in New Jersey

Individuals interested in becoming veterinary technicians in New Jersey should first have completed a high school education with a concentration of math and science courses if possible.  The next step is enrollment in an accredited two year college program.  Accreditation from the AVMA is an important part in choosing a school because it is a requirement in becoming a nationally certified technician.  Students can review the AVMA website (htp://www.avma) to find area colleges as well as some online programs that are on the approval list. 

A typical curriculum of New Jersey vet tech schools resembles any other medical program in that it is demanding and challenging.  Students will study veterinary technology, anatomy, physiology, and pathology.  In addition there will be surgical courses that will educate students to assist veterinarians in a surgical setting.  Biology and mathematic courses are a standard requirement in a veterinary program and students should be prepared to be challenged in these areas.  Additional coursework will concentrate on animal husbandry, infectious animal disease, and care and management of animals. 

As with any medical profession there are constant advancement and changes in technology that require additional education, and veterinary technicians in New Jersey are no exception.  Continuing education courses keep technicians current in their certification and allow for career advancement.  Approved continuing education courses, and schools, can be found on the AVMA website.

Through campus based and online programs, aspiring Veterinary Techs in Newark, Jersey City, Paterson, Elizabeth, Edison and Woodbridge, New Jersey can prepare themselves for careers at some of the best animal hospitals and facilities in the country.
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