New Mexico Dental Assistants Salaries

Dental assistants in New Mexico are paid very comparable rates to the national average pay of dental assistants in the United States. The annual dental assistant pay in New Mexico averages around $31,000. Hourly pay can be anywhere from $10.49-$19.49. Below are the average annual salaries for dental assistants in some of the largest cities in New Mexico. Again, geographic location is important in determining the pay. The larger the city, and the closer it is to California, the higher the pay.

National - $37,000
New Mexico - $38,000
Albuquerque – $30,000
Las Cruces – $31,000
Santa Fe – $31,000
Rio Rancho – $30,000
Roswell – $39,000
Farmington – $35,000


New Mexico Dental Assistant Associations

American Dental Assistants Association
35 East Wacker Drive
Suite 1730
Chicago, IL 60601-2211
(312)541-1550 – Phone
(312)541-1496 – Fax

Dental Assisting National Board
444 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 900
Chicago, IL 60611
(312)642-3368 – Phone
(312)642-8507 – Fax

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