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Gerontology Degrees in New Mexico - NM

New Mexico offers an educational infrastructure, both on campuses throughout the state as well as online, that provide opportunities to attain both undergraduate and graduate gerontology degrees, along with certificate credentials in gerontology. A gerontologist is someone who studies the aging processes in human beings as they mature from middle age through their remaining years unto death.

During their coursework, students in gerontology programs will follow a field of study that focuses on the physical, mental, and social changes of the elderly. Part of the suggested studies includes the demographic and ethic characteristics of the aging population in New Mexico. For example, a survey showed that elderly Pueblo Indians living in New Mexico had significant demographic differences from the general population of the elderly in New Mexico, particularly in living arrangements and life style. Gerontologists who serve this population will need to design and implement services that are appropriate for the Pueblo culture.

Typical coursework for a degree in gerontology covers health promotion for the older adult, including common health concerns and lifestyle issues; a survey of public policies concerning the elderly; the biological aspects of aging and the changes of the body as determined by cellular changes, genetics and the environment and an internship.

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