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New Mexico Healthcare Administration Salaries - NM

Healthcare administration salaries in New Mexico vary according to the size of the facility, where it is located, the duties and responsibilities of the particular role, as well as the level of experience. The online salary database,, states that overall in New Mexico, annual salaries for medical and health services managers average $72,000.  Yearly salaries for those in this position are highest in the city of Roswell, at $65,000. For other cities, the average annual salaries are: Albuquerque, $58,000; Las Cruces, $61,000; Santa Fe, $60,000; and Rio Rancho, $58,000.

While the average medical and health services managers’ salaries for job postings in New Mexico are slightly lower than average salaries for job postings nationwide, factors such as general cost of living for an area should be taken into account.

Hospitals, including St. Vincent Hospital, Presbyterian Hospital, St. Joseph Hospital, and Memorial Medical Center, as well as nursing homes, universities and government medical facilities recruit healthcare administrators.

Statistics from the State of New Mexico Department of Labor indicate that in 2006, employment for medical and health services managers was at 1,610 jobs. By 2016, the number of jobs is projected to increase to 1,900, a numeric change of 290 and an increase of 18 percent.

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