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Salary for Medical Assistant in New Mexico - NM

During May of 2009, the average reported medical assistant salary in New Mexico was around $26,590 per year, which meant that the majority of professionals in this career field were earning roughly $12.54 per hour. With time and experience, however, medical assistants have the potential to earn upwards of $35,990, and may be able to use their professional experience to negotiate higher salaries over the lifetime of their careers.

Also in 2009, there were approximately 3,570 medical assistants in New Mexico; however, the workforce of medical assistants in the state is expected to change. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical assisting careers will increase by 34% between now and 2018. One of the issues fueling this trend is the recurrence of influenza-related deaths and the continued push towards vaccination by the medical community.

During 2009 alone, nearly 68.2% of residents in New Mexico aged 65 and over received their influenza vaccinations, while 67.5% received the pneumococcal vaccination. Although most New Mexico residents have realized the benefits of annual vaccination, there is still room for improvement, and so long as there is a desire for medical care in New Mexico, medical assistants will have a sound future.

Average salary figures for New Mexico:

  • Albuquerque:  $27,240
  • Las Cruces:  $25,070
  • Santa Fe:  $29,290
  • Rio Rancho:  $24,000
  • Roswell:  $24,000
  • Farmington:  $24,960

Salary figures provided by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics

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