New Mexico Medical Billing and Coding Certificate - NM

Medical Billing and Coding Education in New Mexico - NM

Steps to Earning Medical Billing and Coding Certification in New Mexico

Step #1: New Mexico State Laws

Before you begin on the journey of your new career, you will first want to find out about states laws regulating the medical billing and coding field in New Mexico. At the present time there is no state regulation or licensing requirements for this profession. However, just because a state does not require any licensure to work in a specific profession does not mean that there are not industry recommendations. That being said, the next step is to find out what you will need to do to become employable as a medical billing and coding specialist in the state of New Mexico.

Given that there is no licensing process in New Mexico, it is important to know that there are organizational regulations over this profession. The organization which sets the standards in the medical billing and coding profession is the American Health Information Management Association, or AHIMA.

Step #2: Attend an AHIMA Accredited School

Since New Mexico does not require state residents to hold any type of license to act as a medical biller or coder, AHIMA employs their standards and ethics through the accreditation of several schools that teach the medical billing and coding program.  Although there are no campus-based programs in New Mexico, the nature of the course work lends itself perfectly to online learning.  Online New Mexico medical billing certificate programs, as well as comprehensive online programs for medical billing and coding certification in New Mexico will provide all the training necessary for a successful career.

Hospitals, physicians, clinics, and services will all be counting on your alliance with a group accreditation in this profession. Without the strong backings from an accredited organization, your chances of employment are likely slim to none; therefore, you must understand why attending a school accredited by AHIMA is so strongly favored in this career field.

The American Health Information Management Association provides a wealth of information on new federal laws, rules, and any respective changes in the profession. They are, essentially, the glue that keeps the medical billing and coding field together and accountable. 

Step #3: National Certification

Now that you have completed your accredited education, the next step is to learn about the American Academy of Professional Coders, or the AAPC. This group proctors a national certification examination for all students who want to become eligible for entry into the workplace. The examination for certification is not required of any student; however, it would be overly difficult to find work without it.

The Certified Professional Coder title is the entry-level form of certification. Upon taking and passing the test, you will be legally allowed to use this title. Additionally, the AAPC does maintain that all students interested in taking this test must have graduated from an accredited program, which is another reason that you should go to an accredited school.

The AAPC also gives recognition for professionals testing and certifying in particular specialized settings. While those types of certification would not be attainable for a beginning biller or coder, they are certainly worth considering over the life of your career.

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