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Medical Office Manager Salary in New Mexico – NM

The average medical office manager salary in New Mexico is about $67,000, which includes figures from newly graduated professionals as well. It is important to remember that medical office managers spend a lot of their day working with insurance carriers and ensuring that billing is done correctly and payment is received. Because medical office managers must have special knowledge to do this, they are highly compensated for their efforts.

Experience is the most common guideline used when determining salary for medical office managers in New Mexico. Although you will be new to this profession, do not let an employer overlook your skills and education. Remember that professionals like you are in high demand right now. Once you get this first opportunity out of the way, you will be on your way to earning significant income each and every year as a medical office manager.

One thing that you can do to highlight your skills and potentially earn more money is to get certified. In New Mexico, certification of medical office managers is not required, so getting certified can certainly make you a more attractive candidate and increase your earning potential. The Professional Association of Health Care Office Management awards the certified medical manager (CMM) designation through testing.

The list below has some information on the average medical office manager salaries in New Mexico listed by city:

  • Albuquerque: $54,000
  • Las Cruces: $57,000
  • Santa Fe: $56,000
  • Rio Rancho: $54,000
  • Roswell: $61,000
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