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New Mexico Medical Laboratory Technician Training Program

New Mexico Medical Technician Educational Course of Study

Much like any other career in medicine, you are required to obtain a degree from a qualified college or educational program. Medical Technicians have a wide range of choices in programs and are in great demand. Because of this, it should be relatively easy to locate a program in an area of your choosing. Once you have completed your degree, the next phase is seeking certification.

An appropriate Associate degree is the most commonly sought after program offered by New Mexico medical technician training institutions. When you are researching schools you would like to attend, the main requirement is choosing one that has an approval by The National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS). Some of the classes you need will focus on the following:

  • Human Social Sciences
  • Lab courses that teach phlebotomy and hematology
  • Other heavily weighted biological science subjects

New Mexico Medical Technician Licensure

After you have received your certification, according to the New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department and the New Mexico State Medical Board, there is no state license required in order to become a practicing Medical Technician in New Mexico.

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