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Medical Technologist School in New Mexico

To be eligible for a New Mexico medical technologist certification, you’ll have to earn a bachelor’s degree from a state-approved online or campus-based educational facility. New Mexico is home to several respected programs of both types, though they are very limited in number.  This is one of the reasons that demand for medical technologists is quickly outpacing the available number.

Whichever type of school you choose to enroll in, you’ll need to satisfy a certain number of credit requirements to graduate. Typically, though each program is different, you’ll earn just over half your credits studying general medical sciences, basic and mid-level chemistry and biology, laws and regulations of the medical professions, as well as how to operate and use all the various tools of the technologist trade.

The rest will be earned in internships and work experience programs, where you’ll draw blood, prepare samples and analyze them, check patients for various diseases, and assist in diagnosis, among many other things.

For those wishing to take their education farther, there are schools offering a masters degree in medical laboratory science, which is open to anybody who already has their bachelors. There are only a very few masters programs for medical technologists in the country, but they will place you in a whole different category when it comes to employment, job opportunities, and salary.

Upon graduation, accreditation, and licensure from the state board, you’ll be able to start working in New Mexico as a medical technologist, where you can try for employment at any number of facilities seeking medical technologists- top-level places, like the St. Vincent Hospital, or the Memorial Medical Center.

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