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Medical Technologist Salaries in New Mexico

A New Mexico medical technologist salary is a few thousand over the national average, according to a website that compiles salary information.

That’s certainly a good sign for prospective medical technologists, but New Mexico medical technologists’ salaries are determined by a number of factors including where they’re practicing, what specializations they have, and what sort of facility they are working for.

For example, here’s a breakdown of the salary amounts in a few of New Mexico’s largest cities:

  • Las Cruces: $49,000
  • Santé Fe: $48,000
  • Albuquerque: $46,000
  • Rio Rancho: $45,000

Beyond mere regional factors, a New Mexico medical technologist should consider his or her ability to specialize in certain areas. Some specializations, like Phlebotomy (blood drawing and handling) don’t statistically pay better than if you’d just kept working as a normal technologist; however, jobs for phlebotomists are more common, and always in demand.

Specializing in something more complex, like cytology, pays far better ($28 to $32 dollars an hour) but is also much harder to find work in. Of course, there is absolutely nothing stopping you from specializing in multiple areas in New Mexico, except your own time, and your access to the appropriate educational facilities.

Another point to consider is where you intend to work.  A medical technologist working at a larger hospital, like New Mexico’s St. Joseph’s Hospital, might make about $24 dollars an hour, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, whereas a technologist working at a private clinic in Las Cruces might make three or four dollars under that.

Make sure, when you graduate, to carefully consider your options in New Mexico, and chose what’s best for you.

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