Midwife Salary in New Mexico - NM

Midwives' Salaries in New Mexico - NM

New Mexico Midwife Salary

Midwives’ salaries in New Mexico may vary widely depending on credentials and location. Certified Nurse-Midwives in New Mexico make, on average, $90,000 a year, placing them among the state’s highest earners.  However, salaries are generally higher for certified nurse-midwives who work in private practice and private medical facilities, as opposed to public hospitals.  In addition, salaries tend to be higher in rural areas where demand is greater.  The average annual wage for a Certified Nurse-Midwife in Albuquerque is $74,000.  Average annual pay for Certified Nurse-Midwives is $77,000 in Santa Fe and $79,000 in Las Cruces, respectively.

Licensed Midwives in New Mexico make substantially less than Certified Nurse-Midwives.  The statewide average annual salary for a Licensed Midwife is $55,000 a year.  In Albuquerque, the average annual pay for a Licensed Midwife is $46,000, while it is only slightly higher in Santa Fe—at $47,000 a year—and Las Cruces—at $48,000. 

With the rich history of midwifery in New Mexico stretching all the way back to Spanish colonial times, and with the number of excellent educational opportunities available for prospective midwives in the state, there is little question that midwifery will continue to grow in stature as a healthcare related profession in the near future.  Women who are rural residents of New Mexico have come to rely greatly upon midwives not only to help them through labor and delivery, but also to deliver other essential healthcare services for themselves and their families.  With over thirty percent of pregnant women in New Mexico opting to deliver their babies under the supervision of a midwife, the midwifery profession is certain to keep growing.  The continued demand for midwifery services will help boost salaries and ensure that midwives in New Mexico have ample opportunity for professional growth and development.

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