Midwifery Programs in New Mexico

Midwifery School in New Mexico - NM

If you are thinking about becoming a midwife, New Mexico presents a goldmine of educational and professional opportunities.  Midwifery services are in high demand in New Mexico.  This is due largely to two factors.  First, much of New Mexico is rural and remote, and home birth is a popular option for expectant mothers who live at a distance from the nearest hospital.  Second, much of New Mexico’s rural population is low-income, and home birth under the supervision of a skilled midwife presents an affordable and attractive healthcare option.  In addition, midwifery has a very strong and proud history in New Mexico, which can be traced back to the use of traditional Hispanic midwives during the Spanish colonial era.  In fact, New Mexico is home to the first nurse-midwifery educational program associated with an American university: The Catholic Maternity Institute in Santa Fe.  New Mexico was also one of the first states to mandate by law third-party reimbursement and Medicaid reimbursement for midwifery services.  Today, approximately a third of all births in New Mexico are attended by a midwife.  Moreover, there are number of excellent midwifery courses available for those who want to attend midwifery school in New Mexico, including nurse-midwifery programs at the university level and direct-entry midwifery programs.

Midwives in New Mexico have the option of working as Certified Nurse-Midwives or as Licensed Midwives.  New Mexico also recognizes the Certified Professional Midwife credential. 
Certified Nurse-Midwives are trained as advance practice nurses, as well as receiving specialized training in midwifery.  Certified Nurse-Midwives generally work under the direction of or in association with a physician and are more likely to work at hospitals or home birth centers than to attend births in patient homes.  With the right training and professional credentials, Certified Nurse-Midwives will find numerous opportunities to practice in fine medical institutions throughout New Mexico, including Memorial Medical Center in Las Cruces, St. Vincent Hospital in Santa Fe, and Presbyterian Hospital and St. Joseph Hospital in Albuquerque.   Licensed Midwives and Certified Professional Midwives do not need to attend nursing school and may fulfill the educational requirements in a number of ways, including formal educational programs, hands-on apprenticeships, or, most frequently, a combination of these.  

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