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How to Become an MRI Technician in New Mexico

Entering the medical profession as a magnetic resonance imaging technician, also referred to as an MRI technician, is an exciting challenge.  While no state currently requires a specific license for MRI technicians alone, many of the states, including New Mexico, do require a license in radiology with a specialty in fusion imaging.  Still want to know how to become an MRI technician in New Mexico, keep reading!

In New Mexico, MRI technician training will prepare you for a fun and rewarding career in the healthcare industry.  This can be done by finishing an Associates Degree through online or on-campus courses.  Coursework will aim at preparing you for operating an MRI machine, including patient positioning and scan reading.  Medical professionals will depend on you to acquire appropriate and detailed images that aid in diagnosing and treating patients.  The New Mexico Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Program requires that prospective MRI technicians take and pass an examination in radiological practices and procedures.  Upon earning an Associate’s Degree and the examination, you will be ready to enter the exciting world of radiology as an MRI technician.

The New Mexico Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Program requires that you renew the license every two years.  Because MRIs have become a common diagnostic procedure and technology continues to advance by leaps and bounds, you will be expected to obtain Continuing Education Credits.  This can be done by taking a few courses, attending seminars, or completing a higher degree, such as a Bachelor’s Degree. 

netic Resonance Imaging Technologists (ARMRIT), is responsible for testing, assessing, and certifying qualified candidates.

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