Physician Assistant Program in New Mexico - NM

Physician Assistant programs in New Mexico are available at a variety of settings, including four-year colleges or universities, online allied schools, and community colleges.  When you are researching schools offering Physician Assistant Programs in New Mexico, make sure to ask about the requirements for admission.  The requirements vary from school to school and may include two years of college before entering the program.  In New Mexico, training for Physician's Assistants may take approximately two years from start to finish. 

Normally two-year Physician Assistant programs in New Mexico will include coursework in several medical-related areas such as biohazard procedures, medical ethics, and sterilization. Over the two years, you will spend at least 40 weeks, or 1600 hours, in a large number of clinical settings, studying medical fields like orthopedics, pediatrics, geriatrics, emergency medicine, and internal medicine to fully prepare a Physician's Assistant to work in any setting.

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