RN Salary in New Mexico - NM

New Mexico Registered Nurses Salaries

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary of registered nurses in the United States is estimated at $62,089. This expected salary grows with experience or specialty obtained through higher education. In New Mexico, the expected hourly earnings are estimated at $29.73, and annual salary averaged at $61,830.

The following is a list comprised of average salaries in the major cities of New Mexico:

Alamogordo, New Mexico RN Salary: $62,000
Albuquerque, New Mexico RN Salary:  $59,000
Santa Fe, New Mexico RN Salary:  $63,000
Las Cruces, New Mexico RN Salary:  $62,000
Rio Rancho, New Mexico RN Salary:  $59,000
Clovis, New Mexico RN Salary:  $63,000
Hobbs, New Mexico RN Salary:  $61,000


Nursing Organizations in New Mexico

New Mexico Board of Nursing
The New Mexico Board of Nursing is a statewide agency working to protect the citizens of the state by regulating the licensure process, educational requirements, and safe practice of nurses. This organization also works to advance the profession of nursing while providing effective customer service.

New Mexico Board of Nursing
6301 Indian School Rd
Suite 710
Albuquerque, NM 87110
Phone: (505) 841-8349
Fax: (505) 841-8347

New Mexico Nurses Association
This association believes the public should be provided with quality health care and a responsible nursing staff. In order to accomplish this mission, the association sets high standards for all nurses by promoting professional development and the advancement of educational opportunities in order to keep up with an ever-changing professional field.

New Mexico Nurses Association
P.O. Box 29568
Santa Fe, NM 87592
Phone: (505) 471-3324
Fax: (877) 350-7499

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