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New Mexico Surgical Technologist Salary - NM

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics expects that the field of surgical technology will likely grow at a rate 25% higher than all occupations combined between 2008 and 2018. This industry trend has the potential to not only create over 20,000 new jobs nationwide, but may also impact surgical technologist salaries in New Mexico by increasing job security, bolstering industry standards, and expanding employment availability. Salary earning potentials can also depend on the amount and diversity of previous work experience, ability to relocate, geographical location, and level of formal education.

In New Mexico, surgical technologists trying to land entry-level positions should start by targeting areas of high population density, such as Albuquerque and Santa Fe where health care professionals are in greater demand. Currently, over 50% of all surgical technologists that are employed in New Mexico work in area hospitals. Other major industry employers include ambulatory health care services, social assistance organizations, and administrative and support services. Surgical technologists across the nation are earning average salaries of $43,000 annually, while surgical technologists in New Mexico generally earn closer to $41,000 annually. Here are the salary averages for the five largest cities in Mexico for surgical technologists:

Alburquerque:  $33,000/yr
Las Cruces:  $35,000/yr
Santa Fe:  $34,000/yr
Rio Rancho:  $33,000/yr
Roswell:  $37,000/yr

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