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Sonography Salary in New Mexico - NM

The medical field is always expanding, changing and growing. With more and more patients seeking safer, less-invasive alternative treatments, an aging population and new technology on the rise, there is an ever-growing need for ultrasound technicians. New Mexico needs well-trained ultrasound technicians to fill open positions all over the state!

According to the Labor Statistics Bureau (bls.gov), the ultrasound technician field is growing an unusually rapid rate and is set to keep up the pace for several years to come. Ultrasound technicians have a very rewarding and lucrative career to look forward to. Though most are paid hourly, the rate is excellent and ultrasound technicians can look to bring home an annual salary of $40,000 to $60,000 or more, depending on education, specialty, level of experience, and the type of facility that employs you (citytowninfo.com).

In New Mexico, if you were looking for an ultrasound technician job on a per capita proportion, you would have great luck in Las Cruces. However, just based on the overall number of jobs, there are opportunities galore, as well as the best pay, in Albuquerque (citytowninfo.com).

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