Cardiovascular Technologist Salary in New York - NY

Average Cardio Technologist Salaries in New York

A cardiovascular tech salary in New York can place any cardiovascular technician in the median earnings for all professionals in the State of New York. With average earnings of $63,000 per year, cardiovascular tech professionals can be assured that they will live comfortably while working in a career that they love.

Salaries for cardiovascular technicians can vary between career levels and locations. A cardiovascular technician living in New York City can earn an average salary of $69,000 per year, whereas a cardiovascular tech living in Buffalo, Rochester, or Syracuse will earn between $44,000 and $49,000 (www.indeed.com/salary).

The disparity in pay rates is mostly due to the difference in living cost between each of these locations. 
Since the cost of living in New York City is 64.5 percent higher than the national average (www.bestplaces.net), a cardiovascular technician will earn a salary that is 23 percent higher than the national average.

A cardiovascular technician living in Rochester, Buffalo, or Syracuse, on the other hand, will be more prone to earning a salary that is 20 percent lower than the national average. Though 20 percent may seem significant, the lower living, housing and educational costs of Rochester, Buffalo and Syracuse make a pay wage of $44,000–$49,000 viable.

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