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Dietician Course in New York - NY

Those who plan to take dietician courses in New York will find that they have more opportunities to further their education than ever before. Since many people wish to further their career through education, but can’t seem to find the time to attend traditional classroom programs, online schools present them with a chance to further their career without interrupting their work schedule.

Individuals with an interest in human services, as well as an interest in nutrition, will find the curriculum in the New York dietician programs to be enjoyable. Students will learn about assessing a client’s nutritional needs to address specific medical issues and promote healthier eating habits.

Students who earn a bachelor degree in dietetics through a program approved by the Commission on Accreditation for Dietetics Education will qualify as candidates for certification upon graduation. Those who hold an associate degree will be able to hold an entry level position in this field as they continue their education.

Students should expect to take 45 semester hours of professional nutrition and dietetics as well as 20 semester hours in life sciences such as human biology as well as the social and behavioral sciences to include psychology and sociology. As with many careers, education is the key to upward mobility as a dietician in New York.

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