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Gerontology Degrees in New York - NY

New York is the 3rd largest state, by population, in the entire country. This state boasts more than 19 billion people and the majority of these individuals live in urban areas. The fastest growing age group in New York City is Americans 60 and older, representing 19% growth over the last ten years. Gerontology professionals of all kinds are highly sought after in New York to meet the needs of a growing and aging population.

Gerontology is a broad field with many options. You can work in a social service role, directly with the older adult population.  With an advanced degree you can work to help older Americans live happier healthier lives as a physician, or through research and legislative efforts. Many individuals get degrees in gerontology in order to better serve the older adult group. Nurses often want to add the geriatric credential to their resume.

Both campus-based and online programs are meant to prepare aspiring gerontology professionals in Buffalo, Rochester, New York City, Yonkers and Syracuse to earn jobs at healthcare facilities such as Bellevue Hospital, Jamaica Hospital Medical Center, St. Luke's Hospital and Brookdale Hospital.

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