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Long Term Care Career in New York - NY

How to Become a Long Term Care Administrator in New York

The best way to begin a career as a long term care provider or nursing home administrator (NHA) in New York is to first earn either a bachelor or master degree in health facility administration, health services administration, or health care administration. The formal education program must be accredited, and must meet the approval of New York Board of Examiners. Additionally, a specified amount of field experience must be gained in order to gain licensure in New York:

  1. Completion of a twelve-month Administrator-In-Training program (internship) and an approved nursing care facility or:
  2. Completion of at least twenty-four months of field experience within the past five years prior to license application or:
  3. Completion of at least twenty-five months of Administrator-of-Record experience in an out-of-state nursing facility. 

Once education and training is successfully completed, a license to practice in New York must be attained. Therefore, individuals need to contact the New York Board of Examiners and obtain a “Nursing Home Administration Licensure Application�? form. This form will request information regarding personal identification data, employment data, formal education details, Armed Forces experience (if any), and character and suitability questions. Applicants must also proof of being at least twenty-one years old and proof of eligibility to work in the United States legally. An official transcript from the college or university graduated from will also need to be submitted. The application processing fee is $40. The license will be valid for two years, at which time a renewal request along with a $40 fee will be necessary.

Upon license application approval, applicants can and must register to take the Nursing Home Administrator Licensure Examination. The examination is sponsored by the PES together with the NAB. This test is a national competency examination required of all NHAs in order to legally practice in New York. Although many states require an additional state examination, New York only requests a national examination. Applicants must score at least a 75% or a 113 on the examination in order to successfully pass. The test may be taken a total of three times within a five year time period. An examination fee of $285 must be submitted at the time of registration. A New York license to practice NHA will be granted upon passing examination. To register, contact: 

NHA Exam
1444 l Street, NW
Washington, DC 20005
(202) 712-9040 (phone)

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