How to Become a Medical Assistant in New York – NY

Nationwide, about 476,000 people work as medical assistants. They help doctors’ offices, hospitals, and medical centers operate efficiently by performing many administrative duties, such as scheduling appointments and keeping accurate medical records. In addition, they may assist with patient care by taking medical histories, preparing patients for examination and performing other patient-oriented tasks.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that medical assisting is one of the fastest-growing occupations, with employment projected to increase by about 35 percent over the next few years. By 2016, the Bureau of Labor Statistic projects a need for 565,000 medical assistants. The growth is driven by an aging population that needs more medical care.

New York State does not require a license or certification for medical assistants. Although some medical assistants learn their skills on the job, most complete a one- or two-year medical assistant program in New York that offers an associate’s degree, a certificate or a diploma. Employers prefer to hire trained medical assistants who are certified by a national professional organization. Upon completion of your medical assistant program in New York, you will want to become certified.

Medical Assistant Schools