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Medical Management Degree in New York – NY

When pursing medical office management degrees in New York, you will first need to earn a bachelor’s degree.  You may be able to get a lower-level position as a managerial assistant with a bachelor’s degree under your belt, but meaningful advancement in this field will require advanced graduate work.  Degrees for a medical office manager in New York are either master’s in healthcare administration or a master’s in business or public administration with an emphasis on healthcare issues.  You will find that a number of institutions of higher learning in New York offer graduate degrees that will prepare you for a career in this burgeoning field. You may choose from business schools, medical schools, and graduate schools of public health and public policy.  Some schools in New York will allow you to do part or all of your coursework online.  If you attend school full-time, it will take two to three years to complete the requirements for your degree.  Up to one year may be devoted to supervised work or other hands-on experience.  

Admissions to these programs in New York can be competitive.  Graduate students in healthcare administration usually have an undergraduate degree in a major related to business or the health sciences. Having some previous work experience in the healthcare field will make your application more attractive to an admissions committee.  Once you begin your medical office management degree program, you can expect to take courses in business management and administration, budgeting and finance, strategic planning, hospital organization, healthcare economics, bioethics, and information management.

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