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New York Healthcare Informatics Salary - NY

New York, the "Empire State", has something for almost everyone, especially nurse informatics. Visitors and residents alike can spend a day at Niagara Falls, sightsee in New York City, go shopping on Fifth Avenue, and dine in Little Italy. Historic museums are noteworthy, memorable and interesting and the state has hiking, rafting, and skiing for those nursing informatics who enjoy the outdoors. New York has numerous stunning scenic drives, ghostly battlegrounds, and the historic Bannerman's Castle.

The advantages of New York, however, extend far beyond its bountiful attractions and sights to see. Nursing students and those interested in nursing informatics should explore the educational and professional opportunities in the state. Schools in New York have gained a reputation for their programs, and as the nursing and nursing informatics shortage numbers continue to climb, nursing programs in New York are creating plans to get students educated quickly. State plans include loan forgiveness for those working for a specified period of time in New York, various nursing grants and scholarships, and scholarships for nurses to become nurse educators. The state has abundant job opportunities in nursing informatics and offers some of the highest paid salaries in the nation. New York's nursing informatics programs provide students a full range of options: certificates as well as bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees, some with an informatics specialization.

The average New York nursing informatics salary is far above the national average at $107,000 annually (

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