Physical Therapy Pay in New York - NY

Figures listed (Indeed.com) show the average New York physical therapist salary is $99,000.  This figure is indicated to be 17% higher than the national average annual salary for physical therapists.  Based on the salaries listed below, it is obvious that the New York City salary is what drives this average up to its current figure.  Advanced certifications in specialties such as wound care, prosthetics, manual therapy, pediatrics and orthopedics can also increase a salary for a physical therapist. 

Additionally, years of experience in the profession and job setting (hospital based, outpatient based, industrial medicine, home care) can also be a determining factor for salary range. 

Albany $71,000
Buffalo $74,000
Ithaca $77,000
Nassau $73,000
New York City $111,000
Niagara Falls $75,000
Poughkeepsie $72,000
Rochester $73,000
Suffolk $99,000
Syracuse$ 77,000
Utica $73,000
White Plains $105,000


New York Physical Therapy Association (NYPTA) & American Physical Therapy Association (APTA)

The NYPTA and the APTA are the governing bodies for the profession in the state and nationwide, respectively.  Each is a membership driven organization that is operated under rules and standards as established by its board of directors.  Members can utilize these associations for a variety of services, including information on current issues affecting the profession (i.e. legislative, public relations, education), continuing education opportunities, how to locate an undergraduate or graduate school for physical therapy, networking sources, and volunteer opportunities. 

Physical Therapy Schools