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Xray Tech Salary in New York – NY

Ranking as the third highest paying state for a radiology technologist (Bureau of Labor Statistics), the state of New York employs over 12,000 in this profession.  Besides the expected employment settings of hospitals and clinics, radiology technologists are also employed in doctor’s offices, as educators in educational programs, and in administrative positions such as managers and directors of radiology departments.  

New York Radiology Tech Salary

The average annual New York radiology tech salary is $71,000 (, over 6% higher than the national average.  In comparison, the neighboring states of New Jersey ($64,000), Pennsylvania ($56,000), Vermont ($59,000), Connecticut ($64,000), and Massachusetts ($67,000) have much lower salaries (  As with many other professions, factors such as advanced training and certifications, years of experience as a radiology technologist, and type of position (clinician vs. administrative) can positively affect salary. 

Below is a listing of selected cities in the state of New York and their average annual salaries for a radiologic technologist. 

Albany Radiology Tech:  $51,000
Buffalo Radiology Tech:   $49,000
Ithaca Radiology Tech:   $53,000
New York City Radiology Tech:  $74,000
Niagara Falls Radiology Tech:  $50,000
Rochester Radiology Tech:  $49,000
Syracuse Radiology Tech:  $55,000

New York Radiology Tech Associations

The American Society of Radiologic Technologists is the most recognized membership association for radiology technologists in the United States.  It has several state affiliates, including the New York Society of Radiologic Scientists, Inc.  Both organizations function to provide services and support to its membership through networking opportunities, continuing education events, and other means of advancing the profession. 

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