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Become a Vet Tech in New York

The state of New York is often lost in the glitter of New York City. The bustling metropolis is definitely a highlight in the state. Whether it is dogs on 5th Avenue or pristine cats in high rise apartments the companion animals of New York expect quality care. With the rest of the state producing cattle and calves as well as poultry, there are many opportunities for veterinary technicians to pursue their career.

How to Become a Veterinary Technician in New York

The New York State Education Department clearly states that any use of the term “veterinary technician’ requires licensure by the state. There are multiple options for gaining licensure in New York. First of all, the more traditional path is to meet the educational requirements which include having earned a diploma from either a college program accredited by the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) or approved of by the Education Department of New York. There are a number of AVMA accredited veterinary technology programs available in New York.

After the educational criteria is met through online or campus based New York vet tech programs, the applicant must provide prove of the successful passage of the VTNE (Veterinary Technician National Exam). The exam is owned and overseen by AAVSB, the American Association of Veterinary State Boards – . The exam is a multiple choice style of exam with 200 questions making up the entirety of the exam.  In New York the administering entity for the VTNE is Castle Worldwide, Inc. Candidates must apply to Caste Worldwide to sit for the exam.

Historically the exam has been administered two times per year. However, advances in technology have allowed the AAVSB to offer other methods of administering the exam. In 2010 the exam will be administered using computer based testing at testing sites throughout the nation. This will provide for students the opportunity to take the test in a more convenient location as well as a more frequent administration of the exam. Additionally, applicants must provide proof of American citizenship, be of good moral character and complete and submit the appropriate application along with the required fee.

Another option for obtaining a license in New York is if an applicant has already earned a credential in another state. This method of licensing is called endorsement. Veterinary technicians that apply for license by endorsement need to meet all the general application requirements as well as have practiced, without issue, for two years in the state where the credential was granted.

A limited permit can be issued if all the requirements have been met except the licensing exam and the citizenship requirement. The limited permit is only valid for one year or until the applicant takes and successfully passes the VTNE.

A three year limited license is available for those applicants that have met all of the requirements, except proving citizenship. As indicated by the name, this type of credential is only valid for three years.

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