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North Carolina Healthcare Administration Salaries - NC

Studies show a definite rise in the health administration job trends in North Carolina, and it will only improve. Even better is the fact that some of North Carolina’s cities pop up on Forbes list of most affordable places to live. You don’t have to have filled your math requirements to know that by adding a low cost of living with a rising pay scale equals a great environment in which to pursue career opportunities.

The largest medical facility in North Carolina serves 29 counties and gives health care to over a million people. This top center, equipped with air and ground travel systems, is currently looking for a facility-wide manager.

Healthcare administration salaries in North Carolina are impressive and come with annual figures such as those associated with current job postings:

  • Health Program Manager – Asheville, NC:  $68,809/year
  • Staff Support Specialist – Greenville, NC:  $41,600 - $64,448/year
  • Cancer Center Senior Administrator:  $93,000 - $143,520/year
  • Health System Specialist:  $47,448 - $74,628/year
  • Health and Safety Inspector:  $38,790 - $74,628/year

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