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Lactation Consultant Schools in North Carolina - NC

Lactation consultants must have a strong background in various disciplines and subjects in order to pass the certification exam offered by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners (IBLCE). These subjects include anatomy, physiology, nutrition, ethical and legal issues, interpretation of research skills, and public health. Lactation consultant training in North Carolina is available through many public and private colleges and universities in the state. It is extremely beneficial for the student to earn at least a bachelor’s degree. Even more beneficial, in terms of potential employment, is obtaining a degree and licensure in a health care field such as nursing or nutrition.

In addition, special training courses specifically regarding the breastfeeding process and lactation are necessary to fulfill the pre-requisites prior to taking the certification exam. These courses are typically provided by certified lactation consultants, health centers, and/or teaching hospitals. In some instances, government agencies provide educational resources for lactation consultants. Many courses on lactation can be found online, although you must verify that they fulfill the requirements to apply toward the hours necessary to obtain the IBLCE lactation consultant certification. Local chapters and coalitions for breastfeeding are good sources for exploring employment options and networking. The North Carolina Breastfeeding Coalition is an example of such an organization.  It reaches out to breastfeeding mothers and provides a network of information for those professionals who focus on maternal and newborn health and nutrition.

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