Long Term Care Class in North Carolina - NC

If a long term care career in North Carolina sound right for you, you’ll need to decide which type of job you want and seek appropriate training. The options for long term care training in North Carolina vary depending on which occupation you plan to pursue.

If you would like providing basic health services under the supervision of a registered nurse, you might want to think about working as a nurse aide. To become certified as a nurse aide in North Carolina, you must pass a state-approved training program, which includes time spent learning key skills in clinical settings. High schools, nursing programs, and nursing homes offer these training programs. 

Nurse aides in North Carolina can also become certified as geriatric aides by completing the state-approved geriatric care program, offered at community colleges, where you learn about issues like dementia and mental health problems. Becoming a registered geriatric aide can help you advance in a career in long term care by showing employers that you are committed to the field and well-equipped to work in it.

If you would like to perform more complicated medical procedures, you should think about becoming a registered or licensed practical nurse. Registered and licensed practical nurses in North Carolina are required to complete training as part of their educational programs in order to receive a license.

Finally, if administration is the career you’re interested in, nursing home administrators are required to complete an administrator-in-training course before becoming certified.

Once you decide which option you want to pursue, you can start in-person or online training to prepare yourself for the unique situations you will face in your career as a long term care professional.

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