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Salary for Medical Assistant in North Carolina – NC

Income opportunity will vary depending on your level of education and experience as a medical assistant but as a member of the workforce in North Carolina you will be able to earn competitive and in some cases, more substantial wages than similar professionals in other states. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics the national average salary for a certified medical assistant is $31,000 and the North Carolina medical assistant salary is roughly $37,000.

Below, the largest cities in North Carolina are listed with a representative sampling of medical assistant wages.

  • Charlotte $34,000
  • Raleigh $38,000
  • Greensboro $32,000
  • Durham $38,000
  • Winston-Salem $33,000
  • Fayetteville $36,000
  • Cary $38,000
  • High Point $33,000
  • Wilmington $36,000

Medical assisting is a rapidly growing profession. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical assistants are one of the highest demand professions currently and the high growth rate is expected to continue through 2012. North Carolina is no exception to this rapid growth and a web search for employers currently seeking qualified medical assistants resulted in more than 2500 open positions in the state. Medical assistants, also called medical office assistants, certified medical assistants (CMAs) and registered medical assistants (RMAs) have an important role to play in the total health care delivery system. These professionals are trained on multiple levels and must be flexible as they work directly with doctors, nurses, other members of the medical staff, and patients.

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