Medical Billing and Coding Certification North Carolina - NC

Medical Billing and Coding Certification North Carolina - NC

There is no requirement for medical billing and coding state licensure in North Carolina.

However, just because the state does not require you to have a license, do not assume that you will not be held to other standards within the profession.

The nature of the job of a biller or coder requires you to be thoroughly knowledgeable of all federal healthcare laws and procedures for properly billing insurance companies and patients. This type of information could be learned on the job, but it would be highly unlikely to find a place as a medical biller or coder without an educational background.

Most insurance companies, hospitals, and physicians will expect you to be ready to work on the first day of your employment. They will expect you to understand medical billing and coding and to be comfortable with the procedures and laws that govern this type of work. There is simply no marketability for a biller or coder that has not already been trained in this arena.

With that being said, you will need to understand the importance of AHIMA accreditation, or the American Health Information Management Association, and how it applies to you and your career goals.

The American Health Information Management Association, or AHIMA, is an organization that provides strict standards and ethics to be followed in this profession. They are also the source for all new information and changes that are constantly being made to the professional field.

AHIMA allows their accreditation standard to go to certain schools that work at keeping the vision of AHIMA clear and focused. In addition, there is also an audit process that AHIMA uses to ensure that their recommended policies and procedures for teaching medical billing and coding are being upheld in North Carolina.

The accreditation of this organization is highly recognized by employers in the North Carolina healthcare industry.

AAPC Medical Billing and Coding Certification in North Carolina

After attending and completing a North Carolina medical billing certificate program or comprehensive medical billing and coding certification program in North Carolina, you will next want to get acquainted with the American Academy of Professional Coders, or AAPC. This group is responsible for providing examinations and certifications to qualified medical billers and coders. You should keep in mind that certification from this organization will make you stand out from your counterparts in the job market.

The CPC, or Certified Professional Coder, is the most basic level of certification given by the AAPC. After passing the respective test, you will be able to practice with the title “CPC�? after your given name. This designation shows your employers and the public that you are certified in what you do. It is certainly not required of you to be labeled with this title; however, it will make your chances of employment much greater.

In addition to the CPC, the AAPC also has specialty certifications. As you get further into your career, you may want to think about obtaining a specialty certification if you are interested in working a specific environment of medical billing and coding.

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