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Medical Management Degree in North Carolina – NC

Management in any field requires particular skills in several areas of business management. The training leading to medical office management degrees in North Carolina will also prepare you with very specific skills unique to the medical industry. You will need strong communication skills as you deal with patients, doctors, nurses, and hospital staff. You will also need a strong working knowledge of how insurance companies operate. You may need special certification in medical encoding, specialized equipment operation, or training in Medicare documentation.

All of these skills are acquired both on the job and in the classroom. To prepare for a medical office management career in one of North Carolina’s medical facilities, you may choose an associates degree in office administration and add on specific certificates to your degree that train you in medical office billing and other procedures. Or, if you decide you want to move into upper management or administration, you will want a bachelor degree or greater in business or office administration. The courses for your program will include training in areas such as:

  • Oversee and manage staff and operations
  • Hiring, completing and updating staff schedules
  • Perform reviews and staff training
  • Develop department budgets
  • Handle customer service at a managerial level
  • Medical billing office with medical records experience
  • Medical software training
  • HIPAA training and OSHA law compliance
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