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Medical Office Manager Salary in North Carolina – NC

According to North Carolina State University the medical industry has a high demand for graduates with training in medical office operations, including diagnostic and procedural coding and insurance forms processing. reports the yearly salary for a medical office manager to start at $45,000 and reach $72,000. Some of the variables in your salary will depend on what responsibilities your job entails and what title you have.

For instance, if you are a level II office manager at a large medical facility in North Carolina such as Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, Forsyth Medical Center, Rutherford Hospital, or Pitt County Memorial you may expect an entry level management salary. One of the benefits of working in a large medical facility is the opportunity for advancement. As you climb the ladder and increase your responsibilities, you can expect a higher salary. One other consideration is benefits. Often these management positions come with generous benefits packages. Added to your annual salary, these benefits can increase the value of your job. Some of the current job titles available in this field include:

  • Medical Manager Staff
  • Medical Office Administrator
  • Medical Business Office Manager
  • Medical Office Manager II
  • Front Office Manager
  • Back Office Manager
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