Medical Technologist Career in North Carolina

Those who wish to be involved in North Carolina medical technologist careers will find that there are a variety of options to choose from when it comes to the training for this career.  Most employers in North Carolina prefer that medical technologists hold a minimum of a Bachelor degree, though life experience in the field may be considered as a replacement for some of the educational standards.

Potential candidates in North Carolina should consider some of the expectations of this field.

  • Examining specimens
  • Creating cultures
  • Analyzing chemical reactions
  • Supervision of lab employees such as medical laboratory technicians

Though there are no licensing qualifications to be met in this state, employers generally require that the individual is certified. Those who wish to fulfill this role can obtain some of their training as a medical technician, role that has minimal educational requirements and is directly related to the role of a technologist.
Some hospitals and medical facilities will provide training that leads to certification or will reimburse their employees for some or all of the educational expenses they incur in their pursuit of a Bachelor degree and certification.

Medical Technologist Schools