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Midwifery School in North Carolina - NC

Although some may mistakenly believe that midwifery is “old-fashioned�? or a less-educated profession, in reality it is a career that requires an advanced degree in order to become certified and employed. Most midwives are certified nurse-midwives (CNM), meaning they have obtained a degree in nursing prior to specializing in the care and treatment of women of child-bearing age and beyond.

The American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM) requires a graduate degree-level of education for a midwife to qualify for certification. These educational requirements include a standardized level of core competencies, education through an accredited program, and a national certification examination. There are more than 40 accredited post-baccalaureate programs in midwifery in the United States, and one of these midwifery schools is located in North Carolina. 

Obtaining an undergraduate degree in nursing may be the most effective way to begin a career in midwifery. This would ensure a thorough background in chemistry, biology, anatomy, and other basic sciences. In addition, courses in sociology and women’s studies would also be helpful. Educational topics in a midwifery program would include the study of the female reproductive system, gestation and birth, and other women’s physical diseases and treatment. Some general education courses may be Web-based, and many courses would include clinical experience.

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