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North Carolina Healthcare Informatics Salary - NC

Nurse informatics is a growing field and fairly new as technology is becoming more useful in healthcare.  President Obama’s administration is said to be looking to have electronic health care records to be used in all healthcare settings.  This will cause an increase in need for those trained and certified in the field.  Since there is not much out there at this time for salaries in the profession, as its own field, looking at informatics both in healthcare and technology is the best option.  The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society had members complete a salary survey in 2008 in which healthcare (depending on the facility) made between $91,000 and $111,000.  It also lists, according to its region; healthcare informatics in North Carolina averages $116,000.

The national average for yearly salaries for nurse informatics was around $75,500 in 2008 according to Career One Stop, which is sponsored by the US department of Labor.  The average North Carolina nursing informatics salary is approximately $75,000. 

North Carolina Nursing Informatics Salary

Charlotte $66,000
Raleigh $76,000
Greensboro  $63,000
Durham  $75,000
Winston-Salem $64,000
Fayetteville  $70,000
Cary  $75,000
High Point  $64,000
Wilmington $68,000

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