Physical Therapy Pay in North Carolina - NC

The average North Carolina physical therapist salary is $90,000 annually according to current figures.  This salary is above the 75th percentile for physical therapist salaries across the United States (Bureau of Labor Statistics).  Statewide annual salaries are comparable to this figure, as indicated below.  As with any profession, education and years of experience in the field will correspond with an increase in earnings.   

Additionally, physical therapy offers the opportunity for advanced certifications in specialties such as pediatrics, stroke care, orthopedics, manual therapy techniques, and vestibular care that can lead to a higher salary if an employer chooses to recognize and place value on professional advancement. 

Chapel Hill $91,000
Charlotte $80,000
Durham $90,000
Fayetteville $85,000
Henderson $91,000
Raleigh $91,000
Wilmington $85,000
Winston-Salem $78,000


North Carolina Therapy Association (NCPTA)

The North Carolina Physical Therapy Association is the organization that represents members in the profession.  Students and professionals alike use it as a resource for information regarding employment opportunities, continuing education events, current news and issues in the profession, and a forum to voice their concerns.  This organization is controlled by a board of directors that is responsible for upholding the bylaws of the association

North Carolina Physical Therapy Association
316 West Millbrook Rd, #105
Raleigh NC 27609
919-841-0268 (phone)
919-841-0269 (fax)

American Physical Therapy Association (APTA)

This association is the national membership organization for the profession.  It is also governed by a board of directors and handles similar issues as the state association, just at a higher level and for a larger number of physical therapists. 

American Physical Therapy Association
111 N Fairfax St
Alexandria VA 22314
703-684-2782 (phone)
703-684-7343 (fax)

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