Xray Tech Salary in North Carolina – NC

The statewide average of an x-ray tech salary in North Carolina is $53,000 per year, which is in very close proximity to the national average of $52,210 per year. It is fair to say that this is a well-paying profession in North Carolina, which makes it all the more worthwhile to pursue if your dream is to work as a radiology technician.

There is a huge overall projected growth for the radiology technician profession. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates a 17% expansion until 2018. The main reason for such a high increase is the continued aging of the population. As the population continues to grow and age, there is naturally a greater demand for diagnostic procedures, including radiologic technology. With this type of expected demand, there should be substantial openings for new graduates in North Carolina.

It is important to keep in mind, however, that many factors have the potential to impact your beginning North Carolina radiology tech salary. The factor that weighs the most heavily on a salary figure is experience. Because you are just beginning your career as a radiology technician in North Carolina, you will naturally not have much experience to offer. You will, however, have education and certification as credentials to show prospective employers, and these attributes will show employers how perfectly matched you are to this profession and to their clinic.

You should also consider where you live in North Carolina. Take a look at the list below to see how the salary figures vary from city to city:

  • Charlotte: $47,000
  • Raleigh: $53,000
  • Greensboro: $44,000
  • Apex: $53,000
  • Monroe: $48,000

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