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North Carolina Surgical Technologist Salary - NC

You will find that the median surgical tech salary in North Carolina is a comfortable $46,000 per year. With such dependency on surgical technologists in the operating room, it is no wonder that they are paid accordingly for their assistance. The North Carolina surgical technologist salary for entry-level techs, however, is slightly lower than the statewide average, averaging about 10% less. This is only because they have not yet gained the experience to be compensated with a higher salary.

However, consider the recent report from the Bureau and Labor Statistics. With the population continuing to age and the need of surgical procedures on the rise, the BLS associates a 25% growth for this professional field through 2018. That means that there should be substantial opportunities for new graduates to find employment. Once you have gotten your foot in the door, you will be well on your way to gaining experience, reputation, and earning top dollar.

In North Carolina, the type of facility you work in can also dictate changes in your salary. Specialty surgery clinics are likely higher paying than that of hospitals and physicians’ offices, namely because they require special knowledge of procedures. Because your surgical tech training program in North Carolina is designed to help you learn such special procedures, you will be able to seek employment in those types of facilities when you are ready. 

To paint a picture of how salary changes in different cities in North Carolina, here are some related salary figures:

  • Charlotte: $41,000
  • Raleigh: $45,000
  • Cary: $45,000
  • Salisbury: $31,000
  • Durham: $45,000