Cardiac Sonography Salaries in North Dakota - ND

Cardiac sonographers in North Dakota earn salaries that fall near the median for the industry. Many factors can affect salary, including years of education and experience, type of facility, and demographics of the area in which one works. According to North Dakota’s Department of Commerce Quick Facts, more people in the state are employed in the health care and social assistance industry than any other non-farm business. In addition, North Dakota offers a highly educated population, as well as a beautiful landscape and environment. North Dakota is consistently considered to be one of the nation’s safest states in which to live and work.

Job prospects for cardiac sonographers will be enhanced if they are willing to work irregular hours, as cardiac emergencies do not always occur during typical office hours. Sonographers who have certification in multiple specialties are also highly marketable and especially sought after for smaller health care facilities that may need qualified ultrasound technicians for a specific specialty on a less frequent basis than a larger facility or in a large city.

According to Indeed.com, the salaries for cardiac sonographers in North Dakota vary from approximately $50,000 per year in Minot to $42,000 in Bismarck. However, salaries differ by less than $10,000 in the largest 12 cities in the state.

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