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Become a CNA in North Dakota

Typical Steps to Becoming a CNA in North Dakota

Here are four basic steps that can help you to become a certified nurse assistant in North Dakota.

  1. Apply for a position at a hospital, hospice, or other nursing facility or organization. Be sure to show some of the important qualities for nursing, i.e. gentleness, understanding, physical ability to help patients, ability to work well with others, and ability to follow instructions. Although not absolutely required, a high school diploma is generally preferred. Previous personal experience, such as caring for a sick family member for an extended period of time, might also help.
  2. Enter a CNA certification program approved by the North Dakota Department of Health and suggested by your employer. Your employer may even cover the cost of the program.
  3. Pass a written or an oral test administered at the end of the program.
  4. After completing the training and the exam, nurse's aides will then be registered by the state's Department of Health. The registration is good for two years. When this term is up, nurse's aides will be sent a renewal application, which must be filled out and sent back to the Department along with proof that the aide is still employed by a nursing facility. If a certified nurse assistant does not work for more than eight hours in a two year period, the training program along with the examination must be retaken when a nurse is once again employed.

If a prospective nurse's aide fails to find employment, steps 2 through 4 can still be completed, but the applicant must pay for the fees and textbooks of the training program his/herself. After completing steps 2 through 4, the applicant may find their employment prospects improve. However, make sure that the certificate program you enroll in covers the specific tasks needed for a particular nursing job.


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