North Dakota Healthcare Administration Salaries - ND

Obviously pay scales will be determined by education and experience.  A bachelor’s and master’s degree in similar disciplines are often accepted along with work experience, and can be enough to get you in the door while pursuing an healthcare management degree.

Statewide the average healthcare administration salary in North Dakota is $68,000 annually. Assistant positions can start upwards of $40,000/year. Site directors, such as safety and occupational health administrator in Bismarck, ND, can start at $81,000/year. All jobs come with healthy incentives plus attractive benefits.

Other figures for popular healthcare management job titles within North Dakota are:

  • Health System Specialist $80,000/year
  • Program Assistant $46,000/year
  • Management Assistant $48,000/year
  • Program Manager  - small facility $64,000/year
  • Director MH Service Line $97,987 (Fargo, ND)
  • Support Assistant $34,097(based in Kenmare, ND and requires travel)
  • Site Director $81,823 (Fargo, ND)

Travel may be required with some positions, especially those with multiple locations or larger parent facilities in neighboring states of South Dakota, Minnesota or Montana.

Large healthcare facilities in ND bring in millions of dollars; some of the top hospitals in the state include Merit care Hospital in Fargo, Altru Hospital in Grand Forks and Trinity Hospital in Minot .

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