North Dakota Medical Laboratory Technician Training Program

North Dakota Medical Technician Education Degree

A two-year Associate degree through an online or campus based North Dakota medical technician training program is standard. The National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS) has recognized many instructive alternatives for students wishing to study as an MT. You will have the options of taking classes at your local community college, a state university, or you may opt for distance learning.

The medical field is a very dynamic industry. New methods and treatments are emerging as science continues to make new discoveries. As such, your career as an MT will stay fluid. You must consider yourself a life-long student, as you stay current on new and emerging changes in your discipline.

In your first years at school, you may expect to take typical general education courses. Along with that, there will be a great deal of focus in the sciences. You are expected to have skills that require examination under microscopes as you look at cells.
Human Biology, therefore, will factor into your courses. You will also need to have strong communicative abilities not only with patients, but also when describing your lab findings. Your education will offer communication course work to prepare you.

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