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Medical Technologist Salaries in North Dakota

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics lists the average North Dakota medical technologist salary as $56,000. This salary is going to vary depending on a variety of factors. The North Dakota medical technologist may choose to work in a laboratory that processes testing for a variety of hospitals, may choose a specialty area of may even focus on the supervisory aspect of the medical technologist.

Of course, those who do choose to specialize in one are or hold a supervisory position can expect to reach a higher pay scale. The field of clinical laboratory science has a wealth of career options to choose from. Each of these options will not only reflect a pay scale that is based on the actual work performed and education received, but will also be based in part on the location of the technologist. To get an idea of the pay scales of various locations, review the list below.

  • Fargo: $40,000
  • Bismark: $56,000
  • Grand Forks: $39,000
  • Minot: $41,000

Keep in mind that there are many factors to consider when you are looking at the pay scale based on location. This is a position of growing demand, so areas that are having problems meeting that demand may have a higher pay scale.

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